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(Nick: saviola)

Publications [BibTeX]

Reflection-basierte Genetische Programmierung am Beispiel Evolutionärer Kunst (project thesis, german) [PDF]
Artificial Art: Image Generation using Evolutionary Algorithms (bachelor's thesis) [PDF]
Extending the Darch library for deep architectures (master project thesis) [PDF]
Artificial Art: Image Generation using Evolutionary Algorithms (summary paper) [PDF]
darch 1.0: Toward State-of-the-Art Deep Learning in R (master's thesis) [PDF]
The NanoDefiner E-Tool for Nanomaterial classification [ResearchGate]
A flexible and extensible Knowledge Base for Mapping of Measurement Technique Performances and Material Properties in the NanoDefiner [ResearchGate]
Radiology Objects in COntext (ROCO): A Multimodal Image Dataset [ResearchGate]


darch – Deep Architectures in R.
Haxball Headless Manager (HHM) – Suite of management scripts for headless haxball hosts.
Hexx – Standalone java game inspired by the Miranda IM plugin KexX.
Irpglp [Demo] – IdleRPG log parser.
Jpea – Java package for evolutionary art.
ReGeP Reflection-based Genetic Programming.
XTS – XAseco Train Statistics.
YAWK – Yet Another Wumpus Killer.

Scripts – a litte configurable python script which can for example pause your audio player when your screen is locked.
pkglist2csv.php – a configurable php script which converts package listings generated by apt-get update to csv format.