English translation of the song "Der Stein weit im Korn" by "Dies Natalis".

Last update: 22.10.2012
Legal stuff: Do whatever you want with the english version, the german version was stolen (and slightly edited) from here and belongs to Dies Natalis anyway.

On to the translation: Translation often means interpretation when you have to choose between different possible translations for words or phrases, keep that in mind when reading the translated text.
I am not a good writer, much less a poet, so most of the beauty of the original text will have been lost in the translation process, sorry about that.
If you have any questions, suggestions, corrections, whatever it may be, feel free to contact me via email (which can be found in the "Contact" section of my site).
Dies Natalis - The stone out in the grainfields[1]

Out in the grainfields blooms a meadow[2]
red and sweet of roses
in its middle rests a stone
in a dream of roses so sweet
and on the stone an oath is written so hot
that stars may burn up
the winter abruptly found its end
where only ice roses bloom

Want to hold you forever, while my blood still flows
while the sun still covers the earth in its tears
want to hold you while I can keep my spirit[3][4]
only then my love begins anew

On one summer morning he had to leave
for a faraway land
She stood alone on a meadow
Held a stone in her hand
and forever it shall call for him
the stone, the stone
shall repeat the oath as long as he was marching
to finally return to her


A cold winter came
and ice covered him
when the sun found him the next morning
his spirit already flew back to her
look at the stone lying in the meadow
which has known my oath for so long


Early in the morning she went into the meadow
rests her head on the stone
waited for you so long to no avail
want to be with you at last
And over night the oath came true again
out in the meadow


Want to hold you forever, my blood long ceased flowing
want to hold you forever, I loved you so much
want to hold you, saw the new sunrise with you
keep you in my heart until we meet again
Dies Natalis - Der Stein weit im Korn

Weit im Korn da blüht ein Feld
von Rosen rot und süß
in seiner Mitte ruht ein Stein
im Rosentraum so süß
und auf dem Stein steht ein Schwur so heiß
das Sterne wohl verglühn
der Winter jäh sein Ende fand
wo nur Eisrosen blühn

Will dich ewig halten solang mein Blut noch fließt
solang die Sonn' die Erde mit Tränen noch begießt
will dich halten solang mein Geist (d)ich[4] halten kann
erst dann fängt meine Liebe von vorne an

An einem Sommermorgen musst' Er ziehn
weit in fernes Land
Sie stand allein in einem Feld
hielt einen Stein in der Hand
und ewig sollt' der rufen ihn
der Stein, der Stein
soll rufen den Schwur solang Er marschiert
um endlich bei Ihr zu sein


Ein kalter Winter zog ins Land
und Eis bedeckte Ihn
als die Sonne ihn am nächsten Morgen fand
flog sein Geist schon zu ihr
schau auf den Stein der da liegt im Feld
und meinen Schwur so lang schon kennt


Am nächsten Morgen ging Sie früh ins Feld
bettet ihren Kopf auf einen Stein
hab so lang umsonst gewartet hier im Feld
will nun endlich bei dir sein
und über die Nacht erfüllt der Schwur sich neu
draussen im Feld


Will dich ewig halten mein Blut fließt lang nichtmehr
will dich ewig halten ich lieb dich so sehr
will dich halten sah mit dir die Sonne neu aufgehn
im Herzen dich behalten bis wir uns wiederseh'n
[1]: The word "Korn" directly translates to "grain", but here it's used to generally describe an area with many grainfields. See [2].
[2]: I decided to translate "Feld" to "meadow" because it seems to me like it's an area amids grainfields where roses bloom - so more of a meadow. Maybe field would be a translation closer to the original, though.
[3]: I translated "Geist" to "spirit" but it could (especially looking at the last occurence) also translate to "ghost", I'm not sure.
[4]: I'm not sure whether it's "mein Geist ich halten kann" or "mein Geist dich halten kann", so the translation could be "while I can keep my spirit" or "while my spirit can hold you" (I don't understand the meaning of either, so maybe someone can help me out there).